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The Final Line

On my very first post to this blog, I asked, "What do our places mean to us?" Our places, our spaces, and our architectural containers all play a part in our existence. What they mean to us is a personal experience available only to ourselves.  Through this past year, I have approached this question through the means of art and drawing. As I conclude this particular project, I am now left to ask, what does it all mean? And further- why does any of it matter? As the creator of this work, the drawings I have made are an output of my personal experiences and how I have come to visualize architecture, and by extension, the world around me. Once my drawings are released into this world, whether that is through my zines, this blog or my work being displayed, they are left to be experienced by those who find them. Art is an individual experience, so is our relationship to space, and so is how we perceive the architectures that "junk" up that space.  I said before, "..

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